Director of Special Education
          Kim Otto, M.Ed., Mid-Management Certification
    Administrative Assistant
          Kathy Boone
    Educational Diagnosticians
          Kathleen Schroeder, M.Ed.
          Lead Educational Diagnostician 
                Head Start, Edison Elementary, and Chalmers Elementary
          Konner Ward, M.Ed.
                Lee Intermediate
          Kristan Ratliff, M.Ed.
                Gainesville Junior High and Gainesville High School (Freshmen)
          Julianna Jeffcoat, M.Ed.
                Gainesville High School (Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors)
    Speech Services
          Tasha Klement, M.S., CCC-SLP
          Marla Bentley, B.S., SLP Assistant
     Related Services
          Physical Therapy
                Renee Pelzel, PT, MSPT
          Occupational Therapy
                Angela Hennigan, OTR
          Special Services Counselor
                Kim Parsons, M.Ed.
    Vocational Adjustment Program
          Randy Firth
         Julie Holder, B.S., CALT
         Dyslexia Therapist