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GISD Launches Two-Way Dual Language Academy

Dual Language Application

To enroll your 2017-2018 Pre-K, Kinder, or 1st grade student, please complete the application online if you have not already done so in person.  The link is shown below.  


After the application has been completed, a parent/guardian must attend one of two enrollment sessions:
May 9    9am-10am
May 9    7pm-8pm 

About the Program 

For more information, visit Dual Language Enrichment Program

Gainesville ISD is dedicated to be on the cutting edge in educating students and preparing them for the global economy.  In doing so, GISD will begin implementation of a Dual Language Two-Way program to enrich the learning opportunities available to our students.  Through the program, students will develop high levels of proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension in both English and Spanish.   

Eligible students are those entering Pre-K, Kindergarten, or First grade who are native English speaking students or Spanish speaking students who are eligible as Limited English Proficient.

Interested parents and anyone in the community who wants to learn more about the program are invited to attend an informational meeting on Monday, April 10, at Edison Elementary.

The dual language program is an expansion of the current one-way program, in which native Spanish speakers learn English. The Two-Way Dual Language model is designed so that English and Spanish speaking learners are placed in the same classroom to learn from each other while acquiring the non-native language.  The goal of Dual Language is to provide opportunities for all students, regardless of their native language, to obtain a second language while interacting with students from diverse cultures and backgrounds, setting the stage for cultural awareness and global citizenship.

Students in the dual language program are formally taught to read in their native language through first grade, and then in grades 2-5 are formally taught to read in both languages by receiving literacy instruction in both languages daily.  Students are taught mathematics through the English language and social studies and science through the Spanish language.  Students participate daily in various methods of bilingual “support” activities designed to develop social and academic bilingualism and bi-literacy as well as academic skills/concepts appropriate for the grade.

The goal of the program is to continue to grow with these students every year until they graduate from Gainesville High School, giving the students an immense advantage in their long-term educational and career goals.