• Dear Parents,
    Recently we decide to take a proactive stance against infection in our athletic facilities.  Gainesville ISD Athletics partnered with ZeroBlast to provide their proven services that keep athletes and coaches safe from infections. For the past 9 years athletic programs across the country have counted on ZeroBlast's suite of services to monitor, eliminate and prevent microbial contamination in high risk areas like locker rooms, weight rooms and sports equipment.  Their list of clients include: The University of Texas, University of Oklahoma, TCU, The Texas Rangers and more.
    After a facility assessment we decided to have our football locker rooms, shower/ restroom and weight room treated, as well as our football helmet and shoulder pads.  ZeroBlast provided a deep sanitation as well as an antimicrobial coating that prevents microbial contamination on surfaces for 90 days.
    Features of the products include:
    • Non-toxic
    • Hypoallergenic
    • EPA registered
    • Non leaching
    • Regular Swab Testing of Surfaces
    We feel that combining these services with our strict cleaning and proper student athlete hygiene will help keep athletes and coaches safe and in the game.  We'd also like use this time to encourage you to stress the importance of proper hygiene with your athlete and remind them of these guidelines:
    • Shower after athletic activities
    • Properly wash your hands regularly with soap and water
    • Never share
      • Towels
      • Razors
      • Deodorant
    • Wear sandals in the locker room & shower
    • Change undergarments after athletic activities
    By working together we can reduce the risk of infection and keep our players safe and on the field.  If you have any questions about ZeroBlast or their services please visit their website at: www.zero-blast.com