• In May of 2017, Gainesville ISD was provisionally approved as a T-STEM Academy for the 2017-2018 school year.  The Gainesville STEAM Academy will also incorporate the Arts into the Academy. For the first year, GISD will target grades 6-9 and will add an additional grade level each year over the next three years to reach the full potential of a 6-12 STEAM Academy.

    Vision: Gainesville STEAM Academy develops 21st Century, scholarly leaders by providing a rigorous STEAM and college readiness environment that promotes life long learning and success.

    Mission: Give scholars in grades 6-12 access to courses in STEM, advanced academics, dual credit, CTE (Career and Technical Education), and Advanced Placement with the intent that scholars will complete high school with significant college credits. The college credits earned will be through an accredited college partner: two year community college and/or four year university.

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