• Welcome to Lee Intermediate!

    We are so proud of our school, and we love to share our student and teacher successes with others. Lee Intermediate is a great place to be...we have the best students, teachers, and parents, and we all want to work together to provide the best environment possible for student success.
    Student success is our focus. We want all students to be successful in learning, and we are committed to 100% of our students meeting their personal learning goals. We practice Focused Learning in Gainesville ISD. What that means is that our instruction is focused on the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), our students know what is expected of them, content that is not mastered is retaught in an alternate setting or time,, and students are encouraged to use their own voice in learning.
    In order for our students to experience maximum success, we need the support of parents, grandparents, and other guardians. Please read with your child or have them read to you. Always encourage them to complete any homework they may have. Working together, we can help move our students to the next level!
    Our theme at Lee is "Launching Lifelong Learning." Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the tools and motivation to be lifelong learners. We want to share multiple options for the future with our students. We want to help remove any barriers that may interfere with the goals and dreams of our students!
    I would personally like to welcome any parents, grandparents, guardians or community members to visit Lee and find a way to plug in to our school and help us launch our students to a bright and successful future!
    Dee Dosher,
    Proud Principal of Lee Intermediate