GISD Education Foundation 
Donor List

Gold Partner ($5,000 - $95,300)

Silver Partners ($2,500 - $4,999) 
Jacob Bezner

Bronze Partners ($1,000 - $2,499)

Diane Hoedebeck (In Honor of Leonard Wiese) 
Dr. & Mrs. Larry C. Sears 
Gainesville High School, Class of 1963 (In Memory of Joybell Schalk) 
Rotary Club of Gainesville
Kiwanis of Gainesville
Dr. Larry & Kathy Sears 
First State Bank 
Clark and Christy Peveto - K. Clark Peveto Family Foundation 

Benefactor Partners ($500 - $999)

Nancy & David Moore (In Memory of Joybell Schalk, Margaret Jo King Stark, David Estes) 
Trent & Stacie Polk
Will & Jennifer Presson 
GHS Class of 1963 (In Memory of Bob Henley)
Investor Partners ($250 - $499)
Tim Turbeville (In Memory of Ben Turbeville)
Lloyd Nichols (In Memory of Tricia West)
Lloyd Nichols (In Memory of Horace McCain) 
Soroptimist of Gainesville (In Memory of Tricia West) 
Otts Furniture & Appliance (In Honor of Amy Allen and Shawna Koerner
American Bank of Texas
Joe & Patricia Bowden (In Memory of Joybell Schalk) 

Friends ($25 - $249)

Soroptimist of Gainesville (In Memory of Gloria Parish
Dr. Bhuphinder Khaira's Office Staff  (In Honor of Dr. Khaira)
The Class of 1958 (In Memory of Brenda Schmitz, first female Student Body President at GHS)
Glenn Polk Autoplex (In Honor of Ashtyn Polk, Class of 2017) 
Cathy and Steve Stroud (In Memory of Joybell Schalk and Scott Johnson) 
Meador Funeral Home
Lucy & Steve Sutton (In Memory of Randall Estes, Class of 1981
Charles & Linda Draper (In Memory of Wilma Bullion) 
Jerry & Pamala (Kring) Quinn (In Memory of Wilma Bullion) 
Ray & Leslie Nichols (In Memory of Wilma Bullion
Donna E Finlay (In Memory of Wilma Bullion)
Gary & Kim Otto (In Memory of David Estes) 
Jack & Ann Hanna (In Memory of W.O. and Sally Echols) 
Laron & Jana Robinson 
Cynthia Westbrook Grand Ave. Animal Clinic 
Dick & Patty Haayen (In Honor of Jayne Austin)
Johnny & Mary Lou Leftwich
Pete & Susie Shauf 
Randall Hoyt Leach (In Memory of Hoyt & Mary Jo Leach
Grace Weatherly (In Memory of Mitchell Smith)  
Jack & Frances Kuehn (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Jason & Bridgette McCartney (In Memory of Joybell Schalk) 
Jay & Marla Davidson (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
C Glenn Links (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)   
Charles & Linda Draper (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)   
Perry Family Cousins: Bobby & JoAnn Perry, Mary Hagler, Patricia & Lennie Isles, Murry & Silvia Perry, Clyde & Janie Perry & Carolyn Perry (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Margaret Roe (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Judy & Armon Smith (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Diane Dudenhoeffer Smith (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Stephanie Stogdill (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Phil & Ruth Adams (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Gerald & Cathy Payne  (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Gary & Kim Otto (In Memory of Evelyn Flint
Grace Weatherly (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Fred & Brenda Myers Brown (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Doug & Julie Mitchell (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Gene & Penny May (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Fred & Barbara Lusk (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Joe M Leonard III (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Van & Betty Knight (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Jack & Lorraine Albright (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)  
Tommy & Kay James (In Memory of Joybell Schalk) 
John & Jean Anderson (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Bill & Janice Hunter (In Memory of Joybell Schalk) 
D.L. & Evelyn Beaver(In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Bradley & Lori Bruce (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Caroline Cunningham (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Margaret Duncan (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Bonnie Lynch Evans (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Allen & Debbie Fleitman (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Ben & Ramona Hatcher (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Ben & Shawna Hawkins (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Richard P Hawkins (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Jeanette & William Idell (In Memory of Joybell Schalk) 
Patricia Levell Robertson (In Memory of Alpha Louise Reece Levell)
Dick & Patty Haayen (In Honor of Jayne Austin)
Randy Leach (In Memory of Hoyt and Mary Jo Leach)
Bill & Adele McCarron, Tim & Kate McCarron (In Memory of Joybell Schalk) 
Ray & Leslie Nichols (In Memory of Joybell Schalk)
Leslie Nichols & Barbara Morgan (In Memory of Duveen Mitchell
Marjorie R. Priest
Pete & Susie Shauf 
Ken & Lois Essenburg
Lucy & Steven Sutton (in Memory of Marcia McCoy)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Davis Brown (in Memory of Margaret Jo King Stark) 
Gift in Kind
Gina & Gary Dill (Kinne's Jewelers