• Located at Edison Elementary
    1 Edison Drive

    Director- Sheila Smith
    Hours: 7:00am – 5:30pm
    Ages: 6 Weeks – 4 grade
     The Learning Ladder is a daycare for the children and grandchildren of GISD employees
Learning Ladder

Mission Statement

    To meet the needs of parents by providing a fun and safe learning environment where children can fulfill their full potential by participating in academic activities, purposeful play, and art-enriched experiences that ensure children are prepared for success in school and life.


  • At the Learning Ladder, we are committed to helping parents balance work and family responsibilities, while providing the very best care for children.  We understand that your child’s development and education is very important to you.  Our goal is to support you as a busy working parent and as your child’s first and most important teacher. 
    Childhood is a magical time of discovery that sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning and achievement.  We recognize the growing physical, intellectual, social and emotional competence of children.  They are eager to explore their world and discover how the adult world works; children thrive on challenges, friendships, clubs and responsibility.  They want to create, build, act out new dramatic possibilities, explore, and most importantly, not to be given more of the same or be treated like “little kids.”  Our program reinforces and nurtures children’s drive to learn with new challenges and opportunities to get out into the world. 
    At the Learning Ladder, we help children prepare for success in school and in life.  We welcome you to our family as you and your child embark on a wonderful journey.   
    Anna Coker Owner & Founder